Preparing your Students

A Heritage Fair encourages students in Grades 4 to 9 to explore Canadian heritage in a dynamic, hands­ on learning environment. Students choose their own topic, do the research and then choose a format for presentation. The focus is on developing personal and interpersonal skills.

Heritage School Fairs support the curriculum and encourage a cross­-curricular approach to teaching and learning. With a dual emphasis on research skills (note-taking, editing, defining sources) and communication skills (public speaking, interviewing, verbalization) the process benefits all students.

Heritage School Fairs generally take place at two levels:

  1. The local Heritage School Fair typically taking place in March or April
  2. The Regional Heritage School Fair typically takes place in the host city in early May.
    1. In 2021, the Edmonton Regional Heritage Fair will take place virtually!



January to Mid-February

Discuss the project with the class and distribute the student information package to the students. Encourage students to select a topic category and then a specific topic. The catchy project title may come later after doing some research and working on the project. Create a student’s plan of action.

Mid-February to Mid-March

If possible, provide class time and teacher guidance to really get the project underway. Encourage students to use online collections from the Public Library, Museum or Archives if there is one in your area. Start project research and prepare video-based presentations. Encourage students to (safely) do an interview with an individual about their topic, if appropriate. Double check that all criteria as outlined in the registration package are covered.

Mid-March to Mid-April

Finish projects. Conduct a school-wide or classroom virtual mini-fair to show off student accomplishments.

May 1, 2021

Submit video-based projects & written submission form to the ERHF website. Projects will be adjudicated virtually during the first two weeks of May, with scores, judges feedback & an awards video being shared with the participants in June.