Project 79: Marie Lacoste Gerin-Lajoie

Student Name(s): Anna

School: Ecole Deer Meadow School

Grade: 7


Research Topic / Main Questions:

Feminism, Education. Impact through education to change women’s rights.

Why did you choose this topic:

I found it interesting how she didn’t wait for everyone else. I also wanted to learn about someone in the background (kinda) who made change in women´s rights.

Please summarize your experience in researching this project?

It made me think about the differences in our society when she was growing up.

How did you personally connect to this project?

I like learning about women who impact (impacted) society and find their stories motivating.

What are your conclusions about your topic?

Gerin Lajoie educated others about issues so that others knew what they were fighting/campaigning for and what they wanted to change.