Project 64: The battle on the Plains of Abraham

Student Name(s): Muhammad & Hassan

School: Edmonton Islamic Academy

Grade: 6


Research Topic / Main Questions:

About the battle.

Why did you choose this topic:

I chose this topic because of its historical significance in Canada’s history and both me and my partner are interested in historical battles.

Please summarize your experience in researching this project?

Researching this project was good and our thinking changed between source to source was because different sources said different things such as how the outcome of the battle would shape Canada. The challenges we faced were things like what would our research question be. The research was fairly simple because unlike the presentation we never need to do any recordings.

How did you personally connect to this project?

My personality connected to this project because I am deeply interested in Canada’s history and being an immigrant the heritage fair teaches me about Canada and its history.

What are your conclusions about your topic?

The battle on the plains of Abraham resulted in Canada going under British rule and the peace treaty between the French and British which would help build better relations between the two countries.