Project 52: How did West Edmonton Mall become such a big part in Canadian history?

Student Name(s): Ola

School: Edmonton Islamic Academy

Grade: 6


Research Topic / Main Questions:

What is West Edmonton Mall? The founding of West Edmonton Mall? How many phases did West Edmonton Mall go through? What stores are in West Edmonton Mall? Why is West Edmonton Mall so important to Canada?

Why did you choose this topic:

Because I really like to shop at West Edmonton Mall and I always wondered how its so important to Canadian history.

Please summarize your experience in researching this project?

It was pretty hard to find some information and songs. I found out many things about West Edmonton Mall and its creators.

How did you personally connect to this project?

Because I love to shop and go to West Edmonton Mall

What are your conclusions about your topic?

My conclusion for why West Edmonton Mall is important to Canadian history is because its a huge tourist attraction and attracts many tourists.