Project 50: Terry Fox

Student Name(s): Leena

School: Edmonton Islamic Academy

Grade: 5


Research Topic / Main Questions:

Who is Terry Fox and what did he do?

Why did you choose this topic:

I chose to do Terry Fox because what he did amazed me and I wanted to learn more about him.

Please summarize your experience in researching this project?

Doing this project made me learn things that I didn’t already know about Terry Fox..

How did you personally connect to this project?

Every year at school, we do something called Sparks Run. Being involved in that run makes me relate to Terry Fox.

What are your conclusions about your topic?

Terry’s story taught me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it! I don’t think anyone would want to run across Canada! They’d think it’s not possible! But he wanted to do the impossible to show that it can be done!